Mushrooms: Tuber excavatum Vitt.

Mushrooms: Tuber excavatum Vitt.

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Class: Ascomycetes
Scientific name: Tuber excavatum Vittadini

Morphological characteristics

Carpoforo: up to 4 cm in diameter, subspherical, or misshapen, papillose, ocher color, with the basic opening that typically falls within the interior.
Gleba:Hard, dry and woody, light ocher to reddish brown, with whitish veins. Aromatic odor.

Edibility, habitat and observations

Relationship with the surrounding plant environment: symbiote mushroom.
Hypogeum in deciduous and coniferous woods, in the period July-December.
Edibility: it is not a species appreciated as edible. It is often mixed with Tuber Aestivum by dishonest traders.

Tuber excavatum Vitt. (photo

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