WWF Oasis Campolattaro Lake - Campania

WWF Oasis Campolattaro Lake - Campania

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: WWF oasis established in 2003
Region: Campania
Province: Benevento

WWF Lake Campolattaro is located in the province of Benevento, Municipalities of Campolattaro and Morcone and covers an area of ​​1,000 hectares, about 380 m. s.l.m ..

WWF Oasis Campolattaro Lake (photo


Campolattaro Lake was revived by the barrier on the Tammaro river. In the Oasis there are several environments: hygrophilous forest, reed bed, mixed forest, medium-sized meadow environments, olive groves and cultivated fields. The hygrophilous forest mainly consists of willows, poplars and alders. The marsh areas are colonized by swamp straw and cattails. In the meadows, among expanses of gorse, the blooms of daffodils, violets, daisies and various species of orchids stand out. The avifauna is very rich: for example, great crested grebe, night heron, egret, dip, bee-eater, have ashes; gray herons are present all year round, winter the great white heron and hundreds of cormorants and wood pigeons. During the migratory period, it is possible to observe the marsh harrier, the cuckoo falcon, the lesser harrier, the pinkthorn, the stork, the black stork, the crane, the Italian knight.
Do not miss the ducks (teals, mallards, pochards, whistles) and the typical species of the countryside such as kestrel, buzzard, hoopoe, oriole, swallow, finch, sylvatic and woodpeckers.
Among the mammals, we find the fox, the badger, the skunk, the marten, the weasel, the hare, the dormouse, the dormouse, the hedgehog, the mole, some species of bats.

Information for the visit

How to get there:
- By car: from Benevento, Campolattaro can be reached by taking the SS 88 in the direction of Campobasso for about 20 km. From the A1 NA-RM highway, exiting at the Caianello tollbooth and continuing to Campobasso. From the A16 NA-BA highway, Benevento exit. From Molise: SS88 for about 40 km from Campobasso.

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