WWF Oasis of the Ghirardi - Emilia-Romagna

WWF Oasis of the Ghirardi - Emilia-Romagna

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: WWF Italy Protection Oasis since 1979
Emilia Romagna region
Province: Parma

The WWF dei Ghirardi is located in the municipalities of Borgo Val di Taro and Albareto and occupies a total area of ​​600 hectares. The maximum altitude is 675 m a.s.l. which can be reached in Le Pradelle.

WWF Oasis of the Ghirardi (photo Mauro Delgrosso


In the Ghirardi Oasis various environments fit together in mosaic: meadows, shrubs, oaks, other mixed woods, rocks, badlands, riverbanks, ponds, pastures, heaths. True botanical treasure with thirty species of orchids and with the rare Florentine apple tree. The fauna heritage is also rich with various species of mammals (fallow deer, roe deer, fox, badger, marten, skunk, porcupine) and the interesting presence of partridge, biancone and red partridge.

Information for the visit

How to get:
- By car: the Oasis is located about 6 km from Borgo Val di Taro, along the Provincial Road Borgo Val di Taro-Bardi, between the hamlets of Brunelli and Porcigatone.

WWF Italy
Bologna regional office
Tel. 051 551199

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