Cattle breeds: Romagnola

Cattle breeds: Romagnola

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Origin and diffusion area

It comes from the Podolico stock: from the Asian races that arrived in Italy following the invasions of the peoples of Eastern Europe. Romagna has its cradle of origin (Forlì, Pesaro) and has also been bred in some areas of the provinces of Rovigo, Padua, Venice and Verona. Among the White Italian breeds, it mostly preserves the characteristics of the Podolico strain with the Maremma. Excellent adaptability to grazing in different conditions because it is an excellent forage user and resistant. The National Association of Italian Cattle Breeders Meat A.N.A.B.I.C. since 1966 he has been managing the genealogical books of the Italian white breeds (Chianina, Romagnola, Marchigiana, Maremmana, Podolica).

Morphological characteristics

Imposing, massive, compact and harmonious: small and short head, large and expressive eye, remarkable dewlap.
Fromentino coat at birth, light gray or slightly graying in adult females, darker in the bull (presence of black hair in the front train and on the thighs).
In males there is often locchialutura (presence of black hair around the eyes).
Black pigmented mucous membranes and skin.
Long horns, black in tip, lyre-shaped in the female, half-moon in the male.
It does not look like a tall breed because it has short limbs with respect to the thoracic depth. Smaller than Chianina and Marchigiana, but same weights.
The limbs are very robust, with hard and well shaped claws.

Productive characteristics

And originally with a dual attitude: meat and work. Today it is selected only for meat.
Milk production tends to be low for calves.
Excellent meat quality (right marbling and tender).

Romagnola breed cow

Romagnola breed bull

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