Cattle breeds: Norman

Cattle breeds: Norman

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Origin and diffusion area

Originally from Normandy (France). In France it is the second breed bred after the Frisian. It has been exported to many African countries (Madagascar) and South America (Colombia and Paraguay).
Raised almost permanently on pasture, rustic, resistant and docile.

Morphological characteristics

Also called tricolor breed for the presence of the three fundamental colors of the bovine coats: white, black and red.
The coat has dark brown streaks and stripes and spots with white, blond and brown hairs.
Typically head, ventral regions and white extremities.
Dark yellowish pigmented mucous membranes.
Short, thin horns, white and waxy, facing forward.
Robust and harmonious animal.
Concave profile head, broad and depressed forehead, large and protruding eyes.
Considerable size: females (650-700 kg and more); males (1.000-1.300 kg)
Very soft skin and highly developed breast.

Productive characteristics

Good balance between milk and meat, even if milk prevails.
Fertile and long-lived, it does not present birth problems.
Good production of very fat milk (over 4%), suitable for cheese making.
Also good performance as meat production, with rapid growth in young subjects.

Norman breed cow (photo Andrea Summer - University of Parma - Veterinary Medicine)

Norman breed bull

Breeding area of ​​the Norman breed (Normande) in France

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