Cattle breeds: Ayrshire

Cattle breeds: Ayrshire

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Origin and diffusion area

Originally from County Ayr, near Glasgow in south east Scotland. It is believed to derive from Celtic brachyceric cattle. Recognized as a breed as early as 1814. Appreciated as a dairy because it produces a milk particularly suitable for cheese making (fine curd - small globules). Exported all over the world and in particular to North America (United States and Canada), Finland and Sweden. High adaptability to grazing in all environments (especially in cold climates).

Morphological characteristics

The color of the coat is piebald red, mahogany or brown. The spots are irregular and the white clearly prevails. The tail bow is white.
Musello rosy or red flesh.
Medium length horns, facing up and forward (lyre-shaped).
Medium-sized animals:
- females: 138 cm; 550-600 kg
- males: 145 cm; 850-900 kg
Not excessively angular animal, with flat or slightly concave profiles.
Long thin neck.
Excellent chest depth and abdominal capacity.
Excellent breast morphology with strong attacks.

Productive characteristics

Excellent milk capacity, both quantitative and qualitative, for fat and protein content.
Poor lactation for meat production.
Good earliness as somatic and sexual development.
Good fertility and presents no problems with childbirth.

Ayrshire cow

Ayrshire cow

Ayrshire breed bull

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