Beautiful indoor planter ideas

Beautiful indoor planter ideas

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Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time. Many of us took up gardening during quarantine, but the winter weather makes honing your green thumb outdoors a bit difficult. Luckily, you don't have to put the kibosh on your gardening hobby just because the temperature has dropped significantly.

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Planter ideas: Inspiring design tips for growing gorgeous garden containers

We all love our plant pets, but are you giving them the home they deserve? In other words, do you need some indoor plant pot ideas? Pots can be expensive, and it adds up the more house plants you own. And who wants a houseful of ugly plastic nursery pots? Make these cool little indoor plant pots from oven bake clay. The step by step instructions have plenty of photos, and you can customize the shapes to look just how you like. These succulents look amazing here, but herbs and houseplants would also look lovely in these.

You can choose any style tile to make your pots match your own homes personality. They look so real! These geometric style pots are made with dollar store glass vases and foam dowels from the craft store.

Awesome idea, right? These are so fresh and fun! To make, and to look at! Made with oven bake clay and paint, these look just like the real thing, without the mess of working with cement. Make an upcycled planter using a recycled tea tin and some spray paint. Love the black and gold contrast, it looks very upscale! You can find terra cotta clay pots at the thrift store, or you can buy used ones from many nurseries.

You will need Google Translate if you want to read the instructions, but the step by step photos do the job just fine. Great way to upcycle coffee cans! Love the leather twine and wood block detail too. This is just a little bit of genius, and really easy to stitch up.

She made another one from an old rug that has a real Boho feel, go check it out. Easy instructions on how to create your pattern and sew it up. Make a rope indoor plant pot with, well, with rope and glue! Love, love, love. You could also make this with twine, but the thicker it is, the easier it will be to work with. These DIY indoor plant pot ideas are super easy to make and super stylish.

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Inspiring indoor garden pot and planter ideas

Pick the perfect pot for growing herbs and greens indoors with these 9 fun picks. Plus find tips for choosing the best container for your space. With so many pretty kitchen planters out there, it can be difficult to home in on the best ones for your indoor garden. We've rounded up nine of our favorite indoor kitchen planter ideas for herbs and greens, along with suggestions to help you make your selection. Add a fresh face to your kitchen with this whimsical collection of hand-painted flowerpots. The smallest size is ideal for starting plants from seed, which will take longer to outgrow the vessel than an already-growing seedling.

After all, the beauty of an indoor garden is that you can keep it very much on wheels. So if you're renting and likely to move soon.

10 spring container ideas

With fresh growth and new flowers, there are lots of plants that can be used to create beautiful spring containers. Some of the best plants for spring pots and containers are spring bulbs like daffodils , hyacinths and tulips. Try combining them with small evergreens and bedding plants to boost the structure, colour and interest. For full instructions on planting up the containers shown, just click on the link provided within each section.Need more inspiration? Feast your eyes on some of our favourite spring flowers and plant combinations for spring colour. This daffodil display is incredibly easy to create. Just plant the bulbs in autumn, then finish off with smaller bedding plants in spring. Here are full instructions on creating this daffodil spring pot display.

11 Simple Ways to Style Indoor Plants

Home » Lifestyle » Decor » Inspiring flower pot design ideas to add greenery to your abode. Potted plants are an excellent design element for beautifying a home. They bring nature closer to you and add freshness and charm to any space that cannot go unnoticed. With numerous designs and types of flower pots available, you have countless ways to decorate your abode. Flower pots come in different materials, with each having its own benefits.

If you are a green thumb connoisseur, then you should know there is more to life than plants in terracotta vases. With your indoor plants in colourful, boho-chic, and DIY vases; your home garden is undoubtedly going to look as pretty as the pictures on Instagram.

12 DIY Indoor Plant Pot Ideas (Your House Plants Will Love)

If you ask us, a plant-filled home is a happy home. Take a peek and pick up a few stylish design tips below. No need to stick to pots and vases for your indoor plants. Garland greenery is perfect here. Decide whether you want to go with real florals, dried varieties, or faux ones.

Inspiring flower pot design ideas to add greenery to your abode

In general, use clay and unglazed ceramic pots for drought-tolerant plants preferring fast-draining soil. Use plastic, metal or glazed ceramic for plants requiring a moist environment. The most important thing about pots for houseplants is that you understand the impact your choice has on the growing conditions for your plant. You can adapt how you care for your houseplants to adapt to almost any choice of pot. Read on to find out everything you need to know about pots for indoor plants and discover some great tips for growing in them.

The self-propagating, air-cleaning, petite, and pretty spider plant will grow in low to bright indirect light, making it a great option for.

Robot or human?

I love making planters and plant stands! Here are 27 of my DIY indoor planters and plant stands to help you decorate your home with plants. Hey guys!

27 DIY Indoor Planters and Plant Stands to Help You Decorate With Plants

In fact, studies have shown that plants may help reduce stress and reduce indoor air pollutants. If you're short on space or available tables, countertops, or shelves, turn to these indoor hanging plants to infuse your home with live greenery. Not to mention, these pretty picks are a handy option if you have pets who like to nibble on houseplants , or young children who pick up everything in sight. Taking care of a hanging plant may sound tricky, but the same rules apply: Before sticking the plant, succulent , or flowers in a new planter, read up on how much water and sun it needs to thrive. A south-facing window is best for plants that need bright light, but many of the plants on this list can survive in low-light conditions.

Urban homes have little space available hence why you need indoor gardening ideas if you want a chance to reconnect with nature.

Here's how to mix your houseplants to create beautiful indoor landscapes—dish gardens, terrariums and other displays that will thrive in your home. Some people are blessed with south-facing windows. For the rest of us, there's this dish garden, built to thrive in sunlight-starved homes. It features clockwise from top right peperomia, satin pothos and bird's nest sansevieria. Stones and synthetic moss accent the plants and look tidier than bare soil. A single plant like this variegated Ming aralia Polyscias fruticosa takes on a bonsai look when planted in a low dish, top-dressed with dark pebbles and elevated on a platform.

A macrame hanging pot holder is a great way to display house plants without sacrificing counter space. A wooden shelf holds a collection of house plants. Try varying the heights of the plants, or adding one vine-style hanging plant to the mix. Group a collection of low-maintenance indoor plants, such as aloe and succulents, on a narrow shelf for impact.