Landscape designs for front of house in california

Landscape designs for front of house in california

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Mobile homes are notorious for their long slender rectangular shapes. The design is necessary for transporting the homes on the highway and makes factory construction easier, keeping the homes affordable and mobile. That shape can be difficult to work with when figuring out landscape designs for mobile homes. The simple shape of a mobile home can be boring and hard to hide.

  • 17 Easy and Beautiful Landscaping Ideas for Your Home’s Exterior
  • 24 great ideas for lawn-free yards
  • 10 Examples of Stunning Modern Front Yard Designs
  • Landscape Design Templates
  • Remodeling – The Social Front Patio
  • Samples of Our Work
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17 Easy and Beautiful Landscaping Ideas for Your Home’s Exterior

ADU landscaping is a fairly new area of landscape design specialization. Developing an ADU is already a huge undertaking. Indeed, ADUs present a subtle but entirely new type of social relationship opportunity for the tenants and owners. The relationship between the occupants of the house and ADU are typically not as intimate as the relationship of housemates, but typically are closer than relationship of a typical neighbor. Some properties with ADUs are family compounds, but more commonly, one unit or the other is designed for a totally independent household.

Parts of the yard, driveway, gardens, patio, and storage may be shared, and other parts may serve as dedicated spaces for one unit or the other.

Landscaping has the potential to give visual cues to the occupant and guests about the use of the property. The wishes of the property owner should inform the layout of the structures on the property and the landscaping of the remaining interstitial garden space. Recently, I visited an ADU site with a fantastic and beautifully integrated landscape, and immediately realized the potential that landscaping had to accentuate and augment the relationship of two structures on a lot.

I also have over seventeen years of experience designing residential gardens. Many of the principles are the same, no matter the size of the site. When it comes to space planning for an ADU project, the primary consideration is whether the garden space will be shared or separate from the main house.

That informs many of the decisions that come later in the design process. Another objective for small space gardens is to create a sequence of events when someone comes to visit an ADU.

ADUs are often tucked away in the back of the property. A lot of times there should be some sort of threshold between the street and the garden. I try to create sanctuaries for people to relax. Kol: How do you factor in privacy solutions via landscape designs? How do you use fences, arbors, and courtyards? In this case, we used offset fence panels to obscure this sightline and provide privacy for the main house and ADU.

Offset fence panels strategically obscure the view of the primary dwelling from the vantage of the ADU. This creates a courtyard effect for each units. As the occupant of the ADU departs toward the front of the property, the fence height steps down to create a more open sightline of both structures. Photo by Carlos Rafael Photography- a link to his photography website. Usually, the limited square footage of the ADU means that you want extend the livability of that space out into the garden.

A lot of times, people incorporate double doors to the outdoors. So, you want to incorporate a patio or courtyard nearby where people can lounge.

An outdoor patio is located directly outside the ADU, extending the indoor space to the outdoor space through the accordion doors. Fences provide privacy and plantings do that too. Arbors give you that overhead plane that makes people feel a little more protected and enclosed. Kol: What is your feeling about hardscaping solutions vs softscape solutions? But, there has to be a balance. You want people to feel comfortable in the furniture that they have in that space. But, you want to have plants to soften it up.

For instance, a seating area for several people or a dining set can occupy a large percentage of the outdoor space of an ADU site. I try to avoid having the hardscape come right up to a perimeter fence. At night, landscape lighting can highlight certain features in the garden and give you something to look at. Two forms of pathway lighting can be seen here in the foreground and in the distance. The distant pathway lighting is from the ADU, which is located off to the right beyond the fence.

In the foreground, the low pathway lighting is for the primary house courtyard. The first level is for people to be able to navigate safely at night without tripping over things. In the Montgomery project, there were also pendants in the pergola. The 2nd level of lighting is accent lighting. Landscape lighting is a little bit of an investment.

However, the ongoing expense is nominal with LED lighting is quite low… compared to traditional lighting. Kol: Where do you put benches and decks in terms of the structures? Joel: I try to create destinations in the garden. Those can be adjacent to the ADU or the house or more remote. Benches and decks that are right next to the ADU can provide a direct, physical link with the interior spaces and be an extension of the architecture.

But, a lot times I like to push them a little bit away from the house. Joel: Arbors are a doorway into the garden. It really gives you the sense that you are entering into the space. A gate can kind of do that, but if you have something on the overhead plane, your field-of-view is focused and as you pass through it opens up again.

So, I think it helps with that sense of entering into a distinct space. Vertical covered planes like arbors give you a sense of enclosure and less exposure.

If you feel like you are in your own space, and not on display, you can let your guard down and relax. Kol: What was the purpose of the Montgomery pergola? These archways frame the view down the pathway toward the ADU.

Pendant lights serve to illuminate the pathway at night. Eventually, the plants along the right side of each arch, will grow up and over the arch. The intention is that those will grow up and fill in. The idea was to create a corridor for people to experience while getting to the ADU. The idea was that there was this corridor that people would walk through to get to the ADU.

Initially, your view is confined a little bit. Once you get to the end of the pergola is when the view opens up and you can finally see the whole ADU. So, that was the sequence that we were thinking about there. Kol: How and when do you incorporate water features? Joel: As much as possible for auditory interest.

Birds like it too. A water feature should be something you can discover in the garden. Ideally, they can be positioned as a focal point and be heard from the major use areas. Kol: Are there maintenance issues associated with it? Joel: Every couple weeks, you need to stick a hose in there and refill the water level. Kol: How much should this project cost for a landscaping a 5, sq ft lot?

Is the estimate based on a cost per sq ft, or do you figure out how much materials will cost, then charge that amount again as labor? I use a spreadsheet template for all my bids.

There are too many variables. I have a pretty extensive spreadsheet that I use to develop a fixed price bid for each project. This is the landscape design plan for the Montgomery ADU project. The four arches can be seen in the lower right. The large paving slabs can be seen in the lower left, leading into the ADU. Kol: What value does effective landscaping bring to the table in a good ADU design?

Joel: In my opinion, having a garden that is functional and beautiful is priceless. Gardens have the potential to improve your daily experiences. Improving your landscape is like adding rooms and livability to your house. If you create a really cool space, how do you put a number on that? Kol: When should someone consider landscape design in their overall architectural plan?

Joel: The sooner the better. Because if they are going to be integrated, the indoor and the outdoor spaces, you want to consider both right up front. Garden Spaces by George Carter. Outdoor Spaces by Ana Canizares. Small Space Gardens by David Stevens. Well Designed Garden by John Brookes. Photo Gallery. ADU Construction. Artistic Features. Basement Conversions. Closets and Storage. Covered Entries.

24 great ideas for lawn-free yards

The front yard is the place most homeowners fix first—and for good reason. Often, it's what others see and what the family sees most often. The builder's bit of lawn, two trees, and few foundation shrubs fall far short of most homeowner's dream landscape. To set your yard apart, invest in streetscaping to add to your home's current and future value.

Climbing Boston ivy adds romantic, old-world charm to the exterior of this Montecito, California, guesthouse. Landscape design: Grace Design.

10 Examples of Stunning Modern Front Yard Designs

AFTER: adding a large concrete landing matches the proportions and value of the home. Front yard plants are filling in the new design. These clients in the Irvington neighborhood had a pretty dinky underwhelming entry path from the sidewalk that did nothing for their home.The 2 huge street trees towering over their home meant the lawn under the trees would never be attractive and besides these clients were retired and the mower needed to be banished. A new stone landing was installed along with a stone veneer on the porch steps and porch floor. The humpy lawn was removed, gentle grading commenced to include adding boulders and new NW Natural Style plantings. Now the entry of this Irvington home sparkles. The back yard is designed for outdoor living and has a large patio, outdoor dining room and play area for grandkids. Installed by D and J Landscape Contractors.

Landscape Design Templates

With statewide water restrictions in place, many homeowners have let their once green lawns wither away, or removed them completely. While these moves were necessary for water conservation, oftentimes the result is dried up patches of dead grass left in the front yard. This drastically reduces the curb appeal of the house and makes the neighborhood unappealing for visitors and homeowners alike. Here are six landscaping alternatives that will make your neighborhood sing — no matter how hot it gets outside:. A hardy groundcover can take over where the lawn left off, putting down roots to prevent soil erosion and adding a splash of color while requiring little maintenance to keep them healthy.

Landscaping costs vary depending on the size of the job and how many landscapers it requires.

Remodeling – The Social Front Patio

And what makes or breaks your curb appeal? Your front yard landscaping. After all, your front yard is the first impression that people get when they drive by your house or walk up to your front door. Revive your landscaping and bring new life to your curb appeal with these easy DIY projects. And best of all — these are all projects that you can do over a weekend without breaking the bank.

Samples of Our Work

When you hope to improve the curb appeal of your home without drastically increasing outdoor maintenance requirements, you need the proper landscape services from Eco Minded Solutions. We provide high-end curb appeal remodeling services in the San Diego area to transform the way your home appears at first look. Many factors come together to create attractive curb appeal, from your front door design to the color of the siding. Consider the landscaping features you can include to make an immediate and lasting impression on your guests. After an intense process of finding the right Design Build company we choose Eco Minded Solutions for a large home remodel project for our Carlsbad home.

Our landscape design professionals are ready to help you design driveways and patios.

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The Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership has developed eight scalable landscape design templates for the fire rebuild. These free, front yard designs are scalable to fit landscaped areas up to 2, square feet, ready-to-permit, and in compliance with local Water Efficient Landscape Ordinances. The eight front yard plans are available in two of each of these styles:. The full-yard concepts show the interconnectedness of the back and side yards with the front yard, displaying optional features that you may choose to incorporate such as rain water catchment, graywater systems, rain gardens, swales and laundry to landscape systems. While these features add costs, they need to be considered during home design and construction. Additions like stubbing out a line for graywater or grading the yards for rain gardens and swales can be done for little or no additional cost during construction so that the features can be added later on when you are ready to tackle home improvement projects in the future.

First impressions are crucial, and that counts for your home, too. That's why we've come up with a few simple ideas for adding style and upping your house's curb appeal.

Are you stumped for ideas on how to design an attractive landscape your yard? Do you hesitate to plant anything because you don't know what plants will survive in our desert climate? Are you unsure how to irrigate a desert-friendly yard? Wouldn't it be great if someone would figure all this out for you? Good news! You have come to the right place.

The goal of the Landscape Design Assistance Program Design Program is to help our Lawn to Garden Rebate Program participants develop ideas to transform their water-thirsty front lawns into beautiful water-wise gardens. The Design Program provides for a 2-hour consultation with a professional landscape designer for the front lawn area removed. In this Design Program, the designer will help you explore ideas and make recommendations on layout, plants and other features that may work for your front yard.


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