Ducks: Challans

Ducks: Challans

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

Lanatra Challans (or Nantes duck) is a production in the marshy region of Brittany and Vendée (France) where farms have been breeding common breed ducks for centuries which are easily fertilized by wild step ducks in winter. They are bred in groups, freely, in the marshes where they have plenty of water, sometimes supplementing the diet with mash.
The maritime climate, the vast grassy areas and the quality of the water favor the rapid growth of the Challans ducklings. For their supporters these ducks have the advantage, tasting, of having a duck taste that many fine palates accuse Barberia of not having. Before the Second World War it was sold to luxury restaurants or exported to Switzerland and England. It was only available from March to May. Its production has undergone strong competition from Barberia that best suited the tastes of consumers.

Morphological characteristics

Wild plumage.

Male and female Challans

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