Breeds of canaries: Melado Tinerfeno

Breeds of canaries: Melado Tinerfeno

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Origin and history

Origin: Spain.

There are written records of the existence of Melado's ancestors as early as 1850. Some breeders and enthusiasts began the selection of this canary in the city of Tenerife, from which it took its name.
The breed was recognized by the Spanish national body in 1991, so it can be said that the Melado Tinerfeño is a very recently acquired breed.

Melado Tinerfeño (photo Manuel Rivas Rodriguez Reservado



Cut it: minimum 18 cm. Points 10

Posture: erected in the shape of one. Points 20

Chest: wide with curled feathers that arise on both sides of the chest, they are short, symmetrical with a curved shape towards the center (jabot) so that they allow to see the sternum covered with smooth, small and covered feathers (vibrissae). Points 15

Hips: curled feathers that arise on both sides of the body, form two large compact, symmetrical fins, not sticking to the wings. Points 10

Back: Wide, with high shoulders, with symmetrical curled feathers, which starting from the dorsal line fall on both sides of the back abundantly forming a very voluminous coat. Points 10

Boss: proportionate, medium covered with smooth feathers, with conical and proportioned beak. Points 5

Neck: long, covered with smooth feathers. Points 5

Ali: long, adherent to the body, without crossing. Points 5

Tail: long, narrow, perpendicular to the perch. Points 5

Legs: long, rigid with thighs covered with smooth feathers (filopiume). Points 5

Plumage: abundant, silky, compact with smooth feathers and voluminous with curled feathers. COLOR: light yellow (frosted) or white. Points 5

Conditions: in good health, used to the cage, clean. Points 5

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