Goat breeds: Sardinian

Goat breeds: Sardinian

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Origin and diffusion

Autochthonous breed of Sardinia (where it is still bred), derived from the introduction of different breeds (especially Maltese). Very rustic, medium milky attitude and modest prolificity. Suitable for difficult environments.
The herd book was activated in 2002.

Breed with herd book in Italy.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: average.
Head: small and light in the females, larger in the male, almost rectilinear profile; with or without horns. Ears medium length and width, almost horizontal.
Trunk: deep thorax, broad abdomen. Well developed breast, wide attack, globose large and spaced nipples. Sturdy limbs with solid nails.
Pile: most frequently white and gray.
Average height at the withers:
- Males a. cm. 78
- Females a. 70
Medium weight:
- Males a. Kg. 60
- Females a. 45
Productions medium milk:
primipare lt. 160
pluripare lt. 225
Birth weight: 2.8 kg, at 60 days 11 kg.

Regional Breeders Association of Sardinia
Via Cavalcanti, 8 - 09128 Cagliari
Tel. 070 40861 - Fax 070 497038

Sardinian goats

Sardinian goat (photo CNR archive)

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