Pigeon breeds: English Modena

Pigeon breeds: English Modena

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The current type was created in England, starting from the original Italian form.

Overall impression

Category: Colombi Gallina.
Colombo of medium size, well rounded in all its parts, with a large and short body, well full, tail very raised, legs well detached from the body and kept wide apart.

Cloaks of the breed

Blue: without rods, with bronze rods (also as zarzano), hammered bronze (also as zarzano), with bronze shield with hems, with bronze shield without hems, with white rods, with white shield with hems, Dark with bronze shield: without hemming, with hemming, hammered.
Bruno (light stone): with bronze rods, hammered bronze.
Bronze shield brown: without hems, with hems, hammered.
Dominant red: (also as zarzano).
Ash red: with rods (also as zarzano), hammered.
Black: solid, with white rods, light shield with hems.
Bruno: unicolor, with white rods, light shield with hems.
Recessive red: one color, light shield with hems.

Silver blue: without rods, with sulfur rods (also as zarzano), hammered sulfur (also as zarzano), with sulfur shield with hems, with sulfur shield without hems.
Sulfur shield ocher: without hems, with hems, hammered.
Khaki (Isabella): with sulfur rods, hammered sulfur.
Sulfur shield khaki: without hems, with hems, hammered.
Dominant yellow.
Ash yellow: with rods, hammered.
Gray: one color.
Khaki: one color.
Recessive yellow: single color, light shield with hems.

There are also the coats: golden (gold), Andalusian, indigo, silver (lavender), white, multicolored magnan, two-colored magnan, dark brindle (mottled), brindle and throttle in the colors: black, brown, red, yellow, blue and dark bronze shield. Note: the zarzano, dark brindle (mottled), brindle, throttle and magnan cloaks do not exist in the Gazzi.

Modena Inglese Gazzo blu red rods (photo

Modena Inglese Dorato (Gold) (photo

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