Forest cultivation: Sycamore maple

Forest cultivation: Sycamore maple

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Classification, origin and diffusion

Division: Spermatophyta
Subdivision: Angiospermae
Class: Dicotyledones
Family: Aceraceae

It is the largest European maple, present from the Atlantic coasts to the Caspian Sea. In Italy it is only missing in Sardinia.

Sycamore maple leaves (website photo)

Maple leaves and fruits

Trunk of Acero di monte (photo

Sycamore maple (photo

General characteristics

Size, trunk and bark
Tree that can reach considerable heights (up to 35 meters). Straight trunk covered with a more or less dark gray-brownish bark, furrowed longitudinally.
Caduche, with palmate-lobed lamina and serrated edge; dark green on the upper page, greyish green on the lower page.
Reproductive structures
Flowers gathered in pendulous cluster inflorescences (unisexual on the same individual - monoecious).
Fruits characterized by two wing-shaped protrusions to be carried by the wind.


Tree used for tree-lined avenues and landscaping of parks and gardens. It is also interesting for forestry and for the use of compact and homogeneous wood, used for furniture and coverings.

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