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This section dedicated to rabbits is created with the collaboration of Dr. Cristiano Papeschi, a graduate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Pisa. We also thank Dr. Elisa Meloni for the part relating to dwarf rabbits and Roberto Corridoni for the preparation of the cards. breeds without Anci standards.

Atlas of rabbit breeds

We have collected in an easy-to-read atlas (cards with images) the 43 breeds of rabbits recognized Anci in Italy, divided into light, medium, heavy breeds and with a special fur structure, and the breeds without Anci standards. Click on the menu and select the desired breed.

Information to mariners

The rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) is a mammal belonging to the order of the Lagomorphs. It is bred in dozens of breeds, selected by man over the centuries, which differ in size, color, length or shape of the ears. Rabbit shelters must have cages in washable and disinfectable material, therefore preferably in metal. Rabbits can also be raised outdoors using mobile structures or enclosures (closed garenna).
LANCI manages the institutional activities (Genealogical Book and Registry) under the supervision of the MiPAAF, promotes the development of national rabbit farming and carries out technical assistance activities for cunicular companies.

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