Rabbits: Giarra Bianca

Rabbits: Giarra Bianca

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Briar white - Jarre blanche

Italian standard of the cunicule breeds: LIGHT BREEDS CATEGORY.
Weight: 3.5 - 4 kg.

This breed, selected at the beginning of the twentieth century, derives from anomalous colored subjects born from Chinchillas due to previous crosses with black Focati. Nice and lively rabbit, it is not widespread even in amateur breeding. It has a massive, cylindrical body structure with a wide chest and a gently curved back line. Characteristic spots are: white edging on the nostrils, eyes and jaws; white speck at the root of the ears; white or silver-white triangle on the nape; the toes of the front legs and the inner part of the four limbs are white. The typical color, from which the name of the breed also derives, is given by white-crowned giarra hair. However, these must not be in excessive numbers and such as to create an enlarged tending color.
The Italian Standard admits the black, blue and brown varieties.

Serious defects

Overcolour heavily sprinkled with white (silvering); white tufts; very weak spots, no white edging of the eyes and ears; completely white breast; lack of subcolor on the belly; matte fur; strong rust.

White Giarra breed male rabbit (photo National Association of Italian Rabbit Breeders ANCI)

Giarra Bianca female rabbit (photo National Association of Italian Rabbit Farmers ANCI)

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Cristiano Papeschi - The Sextante
All aspects related to his presence in the home are treated clearly and sympathetically, from hospitalization to feeding, from coexistence with other animals to daily care, from reproduction to his health.
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