Rabbits: New Zealand redhead

Rabbits: New Zealand redhead

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New Zealand Red (New Zeland red - Roux neo zelandais)

Italian standard of the cunicule breeds: MEDIUM BREED CATEGORY.
Weight: 4.0-4.3 kg.

New Zealand was selected as a beef breed in the United States in the early 1900s. It has three varieties: White, Red and Black. In England a blue variety was also created. In Italy it is recognized in two distinct breeds: the New Zealand White and the New Zealand Red. The black one, not widespread in Italy (does not fall within the Italian Standard), perfectly meets the standard of the Bianca (4.3-4.7 kg), but has a uniform black coat, with dark brown eyes and dark horn-colored nails.
The Red of New Zealand has a bright fox red coat, brown eyes and dark horn nails. The belly, the lower part of the tail and the inside of the legs can be clearer
The body has a parallelogram shape. The fur must be uniform, dense and well structured throughout the body.

Serious defects

atypical; diffuse gray shades; fur too long or too short; excessively weak ears, thin black or white tufts; white belly; white undercolor; circle of the white eye.

Male and female New Zealand Red breed
(photo National Association of Italian Rabbit Farmers ANCI)