Agricultural entomology: Atomaria

Agricultural entomology: Atomaria

Classification and host plants

Class: Insects
Order: Beetles
Suborder: Polyphages
Family: Cryptophagids
Genus: Atomaria
Species: A. linearis (Stephens)

Bibliographic reference:
Phytopathology, agricultural entomology and applied biology” – M.Ferrari, E.Marcon, A.Menta; School edagricole - RCS Libri spa

Host plants: Beetroot.

Identification and damage

Atomaria is a small brownish-brown beetle, about 1.5 mm long, harmful to the chard in the early stages of development. In fact, it makes circular erosions at the level of the collar of the seedlings about 1 mm below the ground level, the seedlings collapse and there is a failure; more rarely it performs leaf erosions.

Biological cycle

Linsetto winters as an adult and is 2-3 generations a year.

Atomaria - Atomaria linearis Stephens (photo

Atomaria - Atomaria linearis Stephens (photo


The fight against Atomaria is carried out, together with other beet greens, through the geo-disinfestations carried out during sowing.

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