Horse breeds: Breton

Horse breeds: Breton

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Origins and attitudes

Rapid heavy draft horse (once used especially in agricultural work), originally from Brittany (France).
From very ancient times there existed, in the center of the Breton mountain (France), a population of horses that were said to descend from the horse of the steppes that mounted the Celts. At the time of the Crusades, these horses were crossed with stallions and mares of oriental origin and gave rise to the Breton buzz.
At the end of the Middle Ages there were two types of Bretons: the Sommier, a horse from Northern Brittany, and the Roussin derived from the mountain hum, finer and more slender than the first. During the following centuries and until the 19th century, numerous crossings were made starting from foreign or French horses, in order to adapt the production to the economic needs of each of these epochs.
The crossing with English stallions Norfolk, at the end of the 19th century, gave excellent results: it was at the origin of the Postier Breton which made the reputation of Brittany. This celebrity translated into a strong export current in numerous countries (North America, Italy, Spain, Japan, etc.).
There are two types of Breton horses:
- Breton shot: heavy and fed, average weight 900-950 kg, height 157-160 cm; strong, muscular, massive, stocky and low crotch;
- Postier Breton: brilliant gait; very similar to the Tire but more beautiful, more distinct and a little lighter (700-900 kg).
Much bred in Brittany and many other countries (Italy, Spain, Japan, etc.). Many specimens are exported every year.
With a good pace and a remarkable docility, the Breton is an ideal horse for recreational shooting, competition or shooting tourism.

Morphological characters

Type: brachimorph.
Coat: generally chestnut, ubero, rarely bay or roan. The head is well square, of medium volume; the broad forehead, the straight front, sometimes snub, the open nostrils, live eye, small ears; the neckline is strong, slightly arched, a little short; the withers are strong, rather short, the rump wide and double, the hips rounded; The shoulder is a little long, the thighs and forearms very muscular, the shins short and dry.
Average height at the withers: 158 cm.
Weight: Breton shot (900-950 kg); Postier Breton (700-900 kg).
Energetic and active temperament.

Breton horse (photo

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