Horse breeds: Italian trotter

Horse breeds: Italian trotter

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Origins, attitudes and morphological characters

The Italian trotter is the result of a long selection and breeding process that began in the second half of the nineteenth century with the crossing of English thoroughbred stallions and mares of different breeds with a trotting attitude. The first important trotter born in Italy was Vandal (1862-1888).
The selection used among other things Russian, Norman and American trotters, who to a different extent contributed to fixing the type of Italian trotter.
Recordings in the herd book of the Italian trotting horse have been made since 1896, while the most recent approval of the book regulations dates back to 1994.
The herd book of the Italian trotter horse open to subjects born in Italy from trotters already registered in the book itself, allows the entry as stallions and mares only to very few subjects from herd books of other countries, in possession of high record requirements, sums won and running performances, because they are actually breed breeders.
Currently the genealogies of Italian trotters are among the most significant worldwide and some of the most important American and European stallions are registered in the Italian Herd Book.

Italian Trotting stallion (photo and Varrenne

Varenne: the most famous Italian trotter in the world

The most famous Italian Trotter is certainly Varenne (total winnings equal to 6,400,000 Euros).
Varenne is a former Italian trotter horse born on May 19, 1995 at the Zenzalino farm in Copparo in the province of Ferrara owned by Alessandro Viani.
Son of Waikiki Beach and Ialmaz, nicknamed Il Capitano, it owes its name to the street of Paris where the Italian Embassy is located.
Led by Giampaolo Minnucci, he amazed the environment of Horse Racing by imposing himself with incredible ease and lightness in the toughest races on the Italian and international calendar.
He made his debut on the track at three years and, after some initial difficulties, he came to win the blue ribbon of the Trot Derby, the most important race for an indigenous trotter, demolishing the Viking Kronos phenomenon, which at the time dominated the classics of the generation with extreme ease.
In the following season (1999), he won almost all the grand prizes of the circuit of the four indigenous years and then made his debut on the international stage at the San Siro Grand Prix of Nations. In that occasion she defeated the world champion Moni Maker. He then ended the undefeated year, with a total of fourteen wins in as many races.
Since 2000 Varenne has started to compete with the strongest trotters around the world. In the same year he ran eighteen times, establishing himself on thirteen occasions. In the first of the three editions of the Prix dAmerique in which he took part, a highly contested start, repeated several times, precluded his victory. However, two weeks later, on the same track, at the Prix Roederer, he was able to establish himself against the French champion General du Pommeau who had beaten him in the previous Parisian race. He subsequently won the Lottery of Agnano and the 2000 Jubilee Grand Prix in Rome.
In the 2001 season, Varenne, led by Minnucci, proved to be the undisputed king of the world trot, first annihilating his opponents in all three races of the European trot Grand Slam (Amerique, Lottery, Elitloppet), to then distance everyone even in the race most important of the United States: the Breeders Crown. No horse had ever done so much.
Just in the United States it set its (then world) record of 1.09.1 ​​per Km, a limit updated on the Meadowlands mile ring only in August 2008 by Misterizi, winner of that edition of Nat Ray in 1.51.
2002 consecrated him as the richest and fastest trotter of all time. Varenne repeated the Grand Slam, and ended her career on a world tour where she literally shattered all the track records.
Varenne is the only horse in the history of world horse racing to have won the horse title of the year in three different countries: Italy 2000, 2001, 2002, France 2001, 2002, United States 2001. Varenne is also the only trotter to have won the most important races of the world in the same year (2001).

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