Estimation notes: Environmental Impact Assessment VIA

Estimation notes: Environmental Impact Assessment VIA

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Purpose of the Environmental Impact Assessment

The EIA is a process of preventive, integrated and participatory evaluation of the possible significant and negative impacts on the environment and on the cultural heritage deriving from the realization of projects. It has the purpose of protecting human health, contributing with a better environment to the quality of life, providing for the maintenance of species and preserving the reproductive capacity of the ecosystem as an essential resource for life.
For the pursuit of these purposes, the EIA identifies, describes and evaluates, in an appropriate way, for each particular case, the direct and indirect effects of a project on the following factors:

  • man, fauna and flora
  • soil, water, climate and landscape
  • material goods and cultural heritage
  • the interaction between the previous factors

Scope of

The projects listed in Annex II to Legislative Decree 152/2006 and subsequent amendments are subject to state VIA. which refer to both new works projects and modifications or extensions of existing works, if the modifications or extensions comply with any limits or thresholds established for the different types of projects in the same Annex II.
Projects relating to works and interventions destined exclusively for national defense purposes or interventions arranged as a matter of urgency to safeguard the safety of people and the safety of immovable from an imminent danger or following disasters.
EIA are subject to projects for which the procedure for checking the eligibility for state EIA (art.20 of Legislative Decree 152/2006 and subsequent amendments) has been concluded with a negative outcome.
Strategic infrastructure and production sites of pre-eminent national interest as per Objective Law (L.443 / 2001) are subject to state EIA, which fall within the project typologies indicated in Annex II to Legislative Decree 152/2006 as amended, according to procedural liter for the approval of strategic infrastructure projects envisaged by Legislative Decree 163/2006 and subsequent amendments

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