Wildlife in Italy: Two-colored Serotino - Common Serotino - Nillson's Serotino

Wildlife in Italy: Two-colored Serotino - Common Serotino - Nillson's Serotino

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Systematic classification

Class: Mammals
Order: Bats
Family: Vespertilionids

Two-tone serotino - Vespertilio murinus

Head-body length: 47-64 mm
Tail length: 37-45 mm
Wingspan: 27-33 cm
Weight: 12-23 grams

Northern Europe (Great Britain; southern Norway and Finland; Sweden just beyond the 65th parallel; Russia since the 60th parallel), central and south-eastern; Eastern France, Switzerland and north-eastern Italy; from Europe it goes in Palaearctic Asia to the Sea of ​​Japan, roughly between the 35th and 60th parallel to W and the 45th and 55th parallel to E.
In Italy the species is known only for the north-eastern regions

Two-tone serotino - Vespertilio murinus (photo Jan Buys)

Common serotino - Eptesicus serotinus

Head-body length: 63-82 mm
Tail length: 46-54 mm
Wingspan: 32-38 cm
Weight: 14.4-33.5 grams

From western Europe (including southern Great Britain; to the north up to 56 ° latitude), central and southern (major islands and the Maltese archipelago included) to Thailand, China, Taiwan and Korea, through the former southern USSR, the Middle East, Turkey (excluding Cyprus Island), Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and the Himalaya; Maghreb Africa and Libya.
In Italy the species is known for the entire territory.

Common serotino - Eptesicus serotinus (photo

Serotino of Nillson - Eptesicus nillsonii

Head-body length: 55-63 mm
Tail length: 35-50 mm
Wingspan: 24-28 cm
Weight: 8-17.5 grams

Northern Europe up to 70 ° 25 'latitude (absent in Ireland and Great Britain), central and eastern Europe, missing almost everywhere in France, Italy and most of the Balkan Peninsula; much of Palaearctic Asia (Asia Minor and Middle East excluded) including Iran and Iraq, to ​​E up to Sahalin, Korea and Japan, to S up to north-western China (excluding Tibet), Kashmir and Nepal . In Italy the species is known only for the provinces of Sondrio, Trento and Belluno.

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